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More than a fish More than a girl

Remorra is Polari for silly

I am the would be love child of Marc Bolan and Harpo Marx. I make bad puns and good mix tapes. I sing and read Edgar Allan Poe to my cats on dark stormy nights. I have a lot to say, but not enough time to say it.

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american sign language, angry women, anthropomorphizing common household objects, architecture in helsinki, avacados, bad faith, basset hounds, belle and sebastian, betazoid, bikini kill, biology, bjorn lomborg, black humor, black phoenix alchemy lab, bobby pins, bubble baths, bubble tea, busties, camping, cats, caving, cerebellar hypoplasia, chess, chicago history, christopher durang, cocteau twins, comfort, cooking, curly hair, dante gabriel rossetti, dark chocolate, david sedaris, disabled cats, disfunction, dorothy parker, eating, educating rita, elliott smith, emergency medicine, emergency vets, endocrinology, etymology, existentialism, feminism, forests, francesca lia block, frank black, frolicing, full sleeve tattoos, geography, ginger, green tea, heeb magazine, hiking, his name is alive, hitchhiking, homeostasis, hot coco, hot tubs, hugs, idf, independent films, isaac asimov, jewish cat mothering, john william waterhouse, journalism, judaism, kitty breath, knitting, learning hebrew, lipstick, lofi, magen david adom, magical singing cats, margaret atwood, mary gaitskill, maryjanes, masturbation, mates of state, matzo ball soup, mei xiang, mel brooks, merlot, musicals, nelson algren, pandas, perfumery, phillip roth, philosophy, phoebe gloeckner, pj harvey, pondering, pre-raphaelites, princess tutu, quiet places, reading short stories, remora fish, reproductive rights, running, saddle shoes, sangria, sarte, screaming, singing, sleater-kinney, smores, socks, star trek, sushi, swimming, the shins, the skeptical environmentalist, therapy, thrift stores, todd solondz, tori amos, traveling, used book stores, vintage dresses, vulcan, warm purring back weights, wit, zackie achmat